Do I have to register to receive quotes?

No! Click here to select your need and fill out the form in just a few clicks. You will receive quotes from freelancers directly in your inbox free of charge.

Do I have to pay to request quotes?

No! It’s 100% free of charge.

How does Takers PRO stand out from other sites?

Takers PRO is the 1st platform that is 100% free of charge and with no registration required for companies and individuals that are looking for a professional freelancer, which lets them save a considerable amount of time and money. In addition, the freelancers pay for a subscription, which lets you deal with serious candidates.

How many quotes will I receive if I post a request?

The number of quotes that you receive will depend on the number of freelancers whose skills match your professional needs.

For how long will my request for quotes be posted?

It will be posted on the platform for 10 days. If you haven’t found any freelancers who meet your needs, we recommend posting your project again. The Takers PRO network is constantly expanding!

If I accept a quote, who do I have to pay: Takers PRO or the freelancer whose services I have retained?

Takers PRO is simply a contact platform between you and the freelancers. We don’t take any commission on the contracts; you deal directly with the freelancer whose services you have retained.

How can I receive technical support or contact the Takers PRO team?

Write to us at [email protected] or fill out the short form here, or call us at 438-399-8346. We will get back to you shortly. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Who can register on Takers PRO?

Takers PRO is intended for freelancers who offer their services in the following business sectors: language services, web and programming, and graphic design and multimedia. Click here to register!

Why do I have to pay for a subscription?

Takers PRO is a powerful marketing tool to expand your network of potential clients. By paying for an annual subscription, you aren’t paying to post your profile on our site, but to bid on an unlimited number of freelance contracts. Are you the active type? Would you like to be part of a network that encourages self-employment? Click here!

How much does it cost to register on the Takers PRO platform?

You can choose between two packages: Regular PRO and Premium PRO. Click here to see the details and register!

What is the difference between the two packages?

The Premium PRO package gives you access to the client’s contact information once you submit your quote. It also lets you add a photo or logo to your profile (used for the quote form) in order to personalize it, in addition to displaying your Premium status in your quotes.

How can I stay up to date on new contracts?

Click on Available contracts or follow us on Facebook by clicking here. You can also turn on notifications in your account once you have logged in by clicking Notifications.

Will all the platform users have access to my profile?

No! Your profile will not be visible on our platform. However, some of the information contained in your profile will automatically be added to your personalized quote form in order to accelerate your efforts when you want to bid on a freelance contract.

How can I edit my profile?

You can do this by logging in to your account and clicking Edit my profile.

Is Takers PRO responsible for paying my invoices?

No! Takers PRO is only a contact platform between you and companies/individuals. You deal directly with the company or individual that retains your freelance services.

Can other bidders see the price of my quote?

No! Only you and the client can see the submitted quote.

Can I see who has already bid on a contract?

No. The names of the bidders are confidential.

What does the “Closed” notice that appears beside the contracts mean?

The “Closed” notice means that the display period for the freelance contract has ended (10 days). It is therefore no longer possible to bid on this contract.

How can I know if my bid was selected?

If the client selects your bid, they will contact you by email or phone. Are you a Premium PRO member? Good news! You will automatically have access to the client’s contact information once your bid has been submitted so that you can follow up with them. Are you a Regular PRO member and want to contact the client? Click here to discover the benefits of being a Premium PRO member!

I am a member with a Regular PRO package. Can I switch to a Premium PRO package during my subscription?

If you are a member with a Regular PRO package, you can switch to a Premium PRO package at any time*. The fees will be calculated prorated to the remaining duration of your subscription. Your new subscription will come into effect as soon as the payment is made, according to the duration of the chosen package.

How can I receive technical support?

Write to us at [email protected] or fill out the form here, or call us at 438-399-8346. We will get back to you shortly. Your satisfaction is our priority!