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Takers PRO is a user-friendly platform that is home to a network of professional freelancers in three different sectors: language services, web and programming, and graphic design and multimedia. It’s the benchmark for companies and individuals that are looking for a freelancer for a specific project or for long-term collaboration. On Takers PRO, you post, you receive, and you choose. Requesting quotes from professional freelancers has never been so easy!

I received quality quotes very quickly. The fast process allowed me to set up my transactional site in record time.
- Catherine S.
I saved a ton of time thanks to Takers PRO. I received 6 quotes from freelancers in just a few hours. I recommend them!
- Jean-Marc P.
Easy, free, and effective! I found a translator to meet my long-term needs in two days. I won’t hesitate to rely on Takers PRO in the future.
- Olivier M.


How to Find Freelance Contracts

Are you a freelancer? Are you constantly looking for new projects? Being self-employed can sometimes be stressful: meeting various clients, finding freelance contracts, participating in several projects at the same time. To earn a good living, you always have to make sure that your workload is high enough. Do you want to find contracts easily and have peace of mind when it comes to your financial security? In this article,...