These days, more and more workers are making the decision to start their own business. Some see several advantages to this approach, while others see many downsides to it. The opinions on this subject are mixed. However, whatever your current situation is, the choices that you make have positive and negative points. In this article, we present three preconceived ideas about freelancers who make their living thanks to freelance contracts.

Myth 1: Workers who have freelance contracts have no schedule.

Most people believe that freelancers have no schedule to follow. Certainly, it’s true that they have the possibility to manage their time as they see fit. They can carry out their tasks at different opportune times, whether it’s by day, in the evening, or even during the weekend. This life choice therefore offers them flexibility that employees don’t have.

Reality: Freelancers can be masters of their schedule, but they must go about their business and manage several projects at once. They have timelines to respect and must deliver the deliverables promised to their clients by the deadlines. To do this, they must be extremely well-organized if they want to have enough time to work on each project. It’s easy to procrastinate and put things off until later, especially with no boss behind your back. Working from home therefore requires great discipline. Many self-employed workers rigorously plan their schedules and impose limits for each task to be completed.

Myth 2: Freelance contracts are not a sufficient source of income for workers.

Starting off as a self-employed worker may seem like a risky choice. Many believe it’s hard for them to find enough projects to make a good living. This type of job is often perceived as being too financially unstable.

Reality: It’s true that being a self-employed worker has its share of risks. The workload is irregular and certain periods are devoted to searching for new projects. Freelancers can sometimes find themselves empty-handed. However, the reality today is that many companies prefer to offer workers freelance contracts instead of hiring someone full-time. This course of action allows them to do business with various specialists according to their current needs. Workers who regularly have several projects on their plates earn a very good living.

Myth 3: Workers have trouble finding contracts.

Many people believe that finding projects is a complex, arduous task. The popular belief is that the self-employed workers who succeed in standing out are mostly the ones who have contacts. Of course, this situation can certainly help, but they can still easily find contracts thanks to several tools.

Reality: It’s true that it can sometimes be harder in the beginning. Making a name and a good reputation for yourself in the field takes time. However, many companies now want to hire freelancers to carry out their projects. On digital platforms, they can quickly find a specialist to meet their needs and demands. This course of action is increasingly common and allows both parties to come out on top.

Finding freelance contracts

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