Promoting self-employment
Self-employment is the pillar of Associated with stimulating challenges, it’s also synonymous with freedom.
Fuelling innovation
Since there can be no innovation without change, our team has made it its mission to transform habits into experiences and ideas into visions.
Demonstrating openness
Listening to our clients, anticipating their needs, and understanding their motivations in order to offer them a relevant client experience that makes a real difference in their daily lives.

Takers is the 1st Canadian platform of self-employed workers who offer home help services. The co-founders’ vision is supported by the following observations and goals.

On one hand, the current web models for searching for at-home contracts don’t promote self-employment. Instead, they are free solutions for displaying profiles. And the odds of securing a contract are limited due to the often-large number of interested candidates and the fact that the client needs to pay to view their contact information.

The goal: to transform and facilitate the search for contracts for self-employed workers thanks to an innovative and ultra-modern platform that allows them to bid on contracts, each of which receive a maximum of five bids.

On the other hand, as the pace of daily life increases, it can become hard and even stressful to reconcile family, relationships, friends, and work. And finding home help services by sifting through numerous profiles on paid websites often turns into a real fiasco.

The goal: to simplify the lives of Canadians by letting them receive bids for home help services easily and free of charge, without any hidden fees to access the contact information of interested candidates.